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eBook: Where the beech trees grow (Low res digital copy)



Tony Groom’s foreword for “Where the Beech Trees Grow” reflects on the rapid and confusing changes in our world since the founding of Binna Burra Lodge in 1933. Groom emphasizes the importance of Lamington National Park and Binna Burra Lodge as a stable and unchanging reference point in a confusing world. He commends Harry Throssell’s account of the Lodge’s history as a readable and enjoyable book for newcomers to Binna Burra. Groom considers Binna Burra Lodge a feeling, a spirit, and a way of life that has already outlived its founders and almost everyone connected to it in the early years. “Where the Beech Trees Grow” captures the spirit of Binna Burra Lodge and Lamington National Park, inviting readers to reflect on the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it for future generations.


ISBN: 0958929505
Author: Harry Throssell 1984
Bibliography: p. 148-150.

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